Advancements in dental technology are fleeting. Only when these technologies are placed in the hands of a true craftsman can elite restorations come to life. At Defraia Dental we know complicated and comprehensive cases are in demand, and require both technical skill and knowledge. We have assembled a great team to help you along the way.

We are an extension of the dental practice, providing value-added services and products. Our Commitment is our desire for excellence, not mediocrity, distinctly separates our team from your typical modern dental laboratory, only fueled by profits. When working with us, customers receive advanced technical experience and a partner (team approach) committed to exceeding patients’ expectations.

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Restore your patients’ smiles with confidence and success. We provide proper treatment planning, diagnostic studies, and diagnostic temps, ensuring your patients’ complete satisfaction. Begin your most complex case with peace of mind and prevention.



Singol Implants to All on four All on six


Pressed e-Max Veneers or on Refractory


Digital Impression System


Crown and Bridges e-Max, Zirconia


CAD-CAM Laboratory

High Quality Dental Service

Defraia Dental provides the dental community with unsurpassed dental restorations and services. We believe there are no short cuts in producing a high quality dental restoration. This means using the best materials, the most talented technicians, and the newest technologies available.

Defraia Dental’s product line includes the most clinically proven and time-tested restorative options. Defraia Dental also actively evaluates materials and technologies to ensure our practices have access to cutting-edge advancements.



I started using Defraia Dental many years ago and the bond we share has grown during that time. I have learned so much from discussing cases with them, creating a great relationship. Any time I have considered a new technique or material I call Defraia Dental first to get their perspective. I always know that if they are comfortable with it, it is a go for me.

- John Williams


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